Ioanna Anderson used to write plays and eat Monster Munch for breakfast.  She hopes one day to write a whole play again but is taking a break from the Monster Munch. Her plays were produced mostly in Dublin, by Greenlight, Rough Magic and The Dublin Theatre Festival and most recently in Scotland by the Tron in Glasgow. She was awarded a Creative Scotland Bursary in 2010 to write a novel. One day she will certainly finish it
Describe Joe
 "Ioanna Anderson's Describe Joe is a beautifully written and observed first play in which a young computer salesman, John, on the eve of his 30th birthday, attempts to make a chronicle of his life so far....
...Directed with subtle intelligence by Neil Jack and performed with effortless precision by Ciaran Kenny, Describe Joe gleams with poignant lyricism as Anderson first lays bare the remembered fragments of John's life and then reconfigures them into a warm and beguiling piece of theatre.  Jack's production and Kenny's performance seamlessly merge, infusing Anderson's play with the emotional psychological vulnerability it requires while simultaneously finding for it a richly detailed theatrical expression - from Kenny's continual rearrangement of his room's furniture to the mobile phone call which interrupts his story (it was a wrong number).  Not only is Describe Joe both a remarkable production and extraordinary play, but it is also that rarest of theatre pieces, a gift to the audience."  JOCELYN CLARKE, SUNDAY TRIBUNE
Why I Hate The Circus
"An evocative, beautiful story...It's the worth the wait for Why I Hate The Circus to find its quirky rhythm and it's a promising outing for Greenlight Productions as the Civic Theatre's first company in residence.." WOW.ie
"As with her first play, the knowing humour and tenderness at the heart of Anderson's play suffuses it with a heartfelt integrity. Anderson is a writer with plenty of ideas and a lot of heart." SUNDAY TRIBUNE
How To Be a Pantomime Horse
Produced 2012 by Agent 160, directed by Kate Nelson
Six Acts of Love - 
Produced 2009 by Tron Theatre, Glasgow, directed by Andy Arnold
You Are Here
Produced 2009 by Livingspace & Bedrock Theatre for The Dublin Theatre Festival. Directed by Tara Derrington
Words of Advice For Young People
Produced 2004 by Rough Magic Theatre Co. Directed by Philip Howard.
Gaiety Graduation show. Produced 2004 by Gaiety School of Acting.
Why I Hate The Circus
Produced 2001 by Greenlight Productions/Civic Theatre Tallaght. Directed by Audrey Devereux.
Describe Joe
Produced in 2000 by Greenlight Productions. Directed by Neil Jack. 
Words of Advice For Young People
"Ioanna Anderson has a sad wisdom beyond her years.. AFter seeing her first major full length play I am still pondering its central argument: that a happy childhood might be as emotionally crippling as miserable one..Themes of love and loss are underlined through a framing subplot concerning the local undertaker Jack, who is shadowed onstage by the ghost of his recently deceased wife. Death confronts the characters with their inability to embrace life fully : as written, these are a believable catalogue of half-realised, regret-feulled hyper-aware people.  Anderson's great gift is for intelligent and insightful dialogue....and the play gracefully references the theatrical past - a faulty onstage tape recorder echoes Beckett while the big house setting is reminiscent of Friel, while setting itself definitively in the immediate present..It is an auspicious introduction of a writer with a great deal to say and exceptional skills with which to say it." KAREN FRICKER, THE GUARDIAN
"Ioanna Anderson's great talent is for dialogue.  Anyone familiar with her shorter dramas would already have noted her distinctive sparkling writing style and her first full length play does not disappoint....Anderson shows commendable insights into what makes even the most ordinary family tick and here creates believable characters -people whose material wealth has done nothing to dull their internal pain- but it is her writing that dominates nearly everything...Refreshingly contemporary, the work has a right now feel to it that is so often lacking in modern Irish theatre. With Anderson's talent in no doubt, this debut is a welcome one." Rachel Andrews, SUNDAY TRIBUNE
Six Acts of Love
"It's a rare thing for a play to deliver a genuinely gut wrenching moment.  Tron Theatre's Six Acts of Love delivers two of them....A magnificent portrayal of the desperately sad final months of once vibrant life..Una McLean's performance is absolutely haunting...While the whole may be less than perfect, the moments of perfection make this a theatrical experience that burns in the mind long afterwards - and leaves a toothmark or two on the bottom lip." VIEW FROM THE STALLS
"It could be maudlin, or melodrama, or mawkish or just plain grim. But partly thanks to some top-class acting and partly due to Anderson's deceptively simple script, it just seems overwhelmingly true. Sad, certainly, but also shot through with some irrestistible wit....this is, in every sense, a class act. " THE TIMES
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